The Courage to Change....
What if we told you there was a way to find purpose, peace and integrity in each moment of your life? There absolutely is, and together we can find it. 
People often feel 'stuck' with their current situation. Is this you? You may struggle to "find your voice" in situations you're uncomfortable with. You may have a hard time understanding why you "keep doing things that are bad for you" or you may find yourself in relationships that are "toxic" or that "you keep sabotaging." These are just some of the things our clients talk about.
If you're ready and willing to work hard, call now and let us help!​
Boise Counselor, mental health counseling treasure valley, Kim Keys


I am a native Oregonian and moved here to Boise in 2007. I completed my  undergraduate degree in Music Therapy at Indiana University-Purdue University in 2004 and therapy internships at River Oaks Psychiatric hospital in New Orleans , LA and Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, CA. I moved back home to Oregon in 2005 where I was able to build a grant-funded Music Therapy program and student internship site at a residential treatment program for at risk youth. I moved to Idaho in 2007. I completed my Masters Degree in Counseling at Idaho State University in 2009. I am Owner and Executive Director, here at KCS in Boise, ID. I held the position of Chair of Idaho Region IV Behavioral Health Board from 2015-2019 and am a mental health counseling volunteer for the American Red Cross.

I have a compassionate and direct approach to counseling that fosters a relationship of openness and honesty. I value integrity and accountability and I approach every situation with the belief that we have the power to control only ourselves within it. My hope for you is that you know your value, not in spite of your struggles, but because of them! Read more about my therapy work on Psychology Today.


2017 Idaho Business Review Women of the Year Nominee - Idaho Business Review

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Jennifer Cochern, LCPC, CS

I am passionate about healing and wholeness and am deeply committed to increasing personal power and self-awareness.  I attended San Jose State University for my undergraduate degree and then many years later, attended Idaho State University and received my Master’s in Counseling. For the past 20 years, I have worked with clients in the Boise area, wanting to heal from trauma, move forward after major life transitions, improve relationship skills, manage depression and anxiety, and recover from addiction. I am trained in EFT tapping and am a certified energy healer.

My counseling and personal philosophy is based on the importance of learning to align the unique parts of you:  your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.  There are many ways to accomplish personal alignment, all of which are based in expressing acceptance of where you are in this moment and then checking to see if the different parts match up and support one another.

I have been writing about personal alignment for several years culminating in my book Alignment-Move from Internal Chaos to Clarity. This work combines traditional counseling strategies with energy techniques to resolve core issues. When I’m not counseling, I teach workshops and am a national radio show guest speaker on Mental Health issues. I enjoy teaching people how to use the alignment model so that they can learn more about themselves, build self-confidence, and improve all areas of their lives.

Take a look at Jennifer's Book: Alignment; move from internal chaos to clarity, on

Boise Counselor, mental health counseling treasure valley, Garrett Coburn

Garrett Coburn, LCPC, CS

I have a desire to help people grow personally and professionally. I have found that those who learn more about themselves - their strengths and challenges, where they have been and where they hope to be, how they interact with the world around them - are those who are the most successful in life. My goal is to help people work through this journey toward stronger mental health. I also have a passion for marriage and relationship counseling. 

I have lived in Idaho for over 20 years. I attended Boise State University for my undergraduate degree and Idaho State University for my Graduate Degree. I have been providing mental health counseling services in and around the Boise area since 2004.

I have experience in residential counseling with both teens and adults, throughout the Boise and Treasure Valley area. Some of the roles I have been in are Counselor, Family Therapist, Residential Program Director and Deputy Warden. I provided training, mental health consulting, and auditing in such areas as counseling group facilitation, therapeutic floor management, Situational Leadership and corporate morale & team building.  In addition to my mental health and couples counseling practice, I provide counseling supervision to professionals throughout the state of Idaho.  Read more about my therapy work on Psychology Today

Boise Counselor, mental health counseling treasure valley, Casey Burkett

Casey Burkett, LCPC, CS

I am passionate about helping people live fruitful,  meaningful lives. I will work hard to create a trusting  relationship with you, a relationship within which  you can discover your own ability to heal and grow. I work well with people who are experiencing issues with trauma; childhood emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; addictions; complex grief/loss; persistent depression/anxiety; and eating disorders. I firmly believe that we all strive to be our best selves, and given the right kind of counseling relationship, you will find what is necessary for you to heal yourself and flourish.

I specialize in individual counseling, counseling and family therapy. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). I received my masters degree in mental health counseling in May 2015 from Idaho State University-Meridian and have been practicing in and around the Boise area since 2013.  I look forward to meeting you. Read more about my counseling work on Facebook and Psychology Today!

Boise Counselor, mental health counseling treasure valley, Michael Callender

Michael Callender, LPC

The process of locating a counselor that is right for you can be a daunting chore at the best of times. During times of turmoil, this task becomes all the more complicated. Finding the right counselor for you is an important piece of the healing process. A good counselor is one that sees as you are today and has the capability to help support you in becoming the person that you want to be in the near future. The first step in creating a change is to decide that you want to make a change and finding an ally to support you through your transition.  I counsel families, couples and individuals in and around the Boise area.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and have a passion for counseling people experiencing grief and loss, life & career transitions, relationship difficulties,  LGBTQ+ issues, multicultural and social justice issues, trauma, medical and physical health issues, mood and depression disorders, anxiety disorders, and creative/ artistic blocks. 

One size does not fit all, and I will work to help you find and develop your personalized path toward mental health!Read more about my counseling work on Psychology Today

Susan Pennington, LAMFT

I am passionate about counseling individuals and couples toward repair, reconnection and rejuvenation in their relationships.  My specialty is high conflict couples therapy and counseling couples who are experiencing lack of intimacy in their relationships.
I incorporate evidence-based interventions, and I customize your therapy to your specific set of needs, unique personality and temperament. With over seven years clinical experience counseling individuals, couples, families and groups, I have a high degree of expertise in "relationship" and Family Systems. I currently employ therapy models specifically developed for couples including: Gottman Method Level 2, Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Additionally, I utilize Narrative Therapy for individuals and couples in addition to Brain Spotting, Motivational Interviewing and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). I provide a safe, comfortable, completely confidential, non-judgmental counseling environment for you or you and your partner.
I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Social Action in 2012 and my Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology in 2014.  When I am not working, I can be found enjoying time with my family, spinning, swimming, and in the winter, downhill skiing.  I am a member of the American Association of Marriage Family Therapists and (AAMFT) and an active member of the Idaho Chapter of the American Association of Marriage Family Therapists (IDAMFT). Read more about my therapy work on Psychology Today

Lisa Omori, LPC

I have been a professional counselor in Boise for over 25 years.  I graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Education and received my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education from the University of Colorado at Denver

I have worked with youth and their families in a variety of settings, including group homes, residential treatment facilities, community based organizations, day treatment programs, schools, and mental health centers. I have expertise in "Systems Theory" and the importance of working in conjunction with other community supports.  I also enjoy counseling adults of all ages. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is essential along with creating a counseling environment which is friendly, safe and non-judgemental.  I enjoy incorporating the expressive arts into my counseling work in order to encourage communication and creative thinking.  As a certified yoga instructor, I also appreciate the connection of mind and body and believe that most clients can benefit from learning to breathe, practicing mindfulness techniques and movement. Read more about my therapy work on Psychology Today

Office Staff
Keys Counseling Solutions, Jennifer Simon
Keys Counselin Solutions, Dale Keys

Jennifer Simon, Practice Manager

With over 25 years of general and medical office administration experience, I work to ensure our clients' non-clinical needs are handled in an efficient and timely manner. I strive to provide excellent customer service to complement the exceptional care provided by our team of counselors. 

Dale Keys, Office Administrator

The last thing you need when you're struggling is for getting help to be difficult.  I'm here to help make this process as easy as I can, so click on "request an appointment" and let me connect you with a counselor that's the best fit for you and your family. Read more about Dale's work with Pets for Vets.

Ingri Koloski, LPC

I specialize in marriage and family therapy working with individuals, couples, children and groups. I have been licensed in Idaho for 11 years, helping people grow and change in significantly noticeable ways. I obtained my masters degree in 2006 from Naropa University; the only accredited Buddhist university in the United States. I take a holistic approach to therapy, integrating the importance of traditional western psychology and eastern Buddhist psychology.

I practice mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt, motivational interviewing, imago relationship therapy, family systems therapy, addiction recovery, play therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. I am experienced in working with eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relationship problems, children and adults with ADHD, depression, anxiety, self-harm and bipolar disorder. I also have experience working with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

Creating a safe and effective environment for clients is one of my talents. I am trained in transpersonal psychology, using "how you relate to self" and "how you relate to others" as a key concept in mental health. I avidly utilize mindfulness meditation, acceptance, and living in the present as experiential therapeutic perspectives when working with clients. My emphasis on empowering people with therapeutic support, education, and processing skills is helpful when confronting any mental health concern. Read more about my counseling work on Psychology Today.