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Keys Counseling consulting and clinical supervision

Are You....

We help behavioral health agencies increase outcomes, without increasing overhead!

A Behavioral Health Provider

  • Wanting to build or expand your services to include substance use disorder treatment?

  • Wanting opportunities to grow your staff's skills and effectiveness?

  • Wanting to strengthen the health and resilience of your team culture?

  • Struggling with heightened compliance standards?

Call now!  And let's talk about how I can help you:

Develop an action plan for audit readiness to ensure the highest scores and rise above your competitors!

Provide clinical staff coaching to achieve the highest standards.

Develop operating procedures that allow you greater efficiency to increase your revenue without increasing your expenditures.  

Lead staff in developing a strategic plan to increase your staff 'buy in' and meet national best practice standards.

Aid leadership in the development of policies and procedures outlining the highest expectations.

Provide clinical training support to your staff on an ongoing basis.

We would love to talk with you more and see where we can help!  
View Kim's resume, or call now to get started!
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