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Licensed Mental Health professional

Idaho, USA


All schedules are at the discretion of the contractor/employee


Desire to work via telehealth, in-person or hybrid, is at the discretion of the contractor/employee

Job Type

Full-time/Part-time, Contractor or Employee

About the Role

If you are a Licensed Mental Health Professional who is feeling burned out, having little say in your clients care or your own schedule, feeling overworked and underpaid, then Keys Counseling Solutions is a great fit for you. We are a group counseling clinic run by a therapist FOR therapists with a shared governance atmosphere. If you like to work hard, providing the highest in quality care to your clients, in an environment that is dedicated to valuing you in return, apply now.

Primary responsibilities: 

Provide assessment, treatment planning and age-appropriate therapeutic interventions to individuals and families with emphasis on promoting optimum mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Additional opportunities, if desired, include: 

  • Groups

  • CE Workshops trainings and speaking engagements 

  • Consult services such as: informing systems of care, legal, government etc. 

  • Clinical supervision (**CS opportunities are limited to individuals with a state supervisors endorsement.) 

  • Any ideas you have that you've always wanted to conceive/grow/actualize!


  • Current Idaho license in good standing (clinical endorsement preferred): LCPC, LCSW, LMFT, PsyD, PhD.

  • Minimum 3 years clinical experience providing evidence-based practices (5+ preferred)

  • Be willing to obtain professional liability insurance and manage/maintain any and all licenses needed to conduct work.


$60.00 - $202.00 per hour 

Prospective associates have the option of choosing Contractor model or Employee model. Each model varies significantly, from associate to associate, depending on their desired work load, work/life balance etc. 

Below are two SAMPLE salary models. Each associates rate of pay is negotiable, upon offer. 

  • Contractor: 60-70% collected rate/session. Sample: 50k/annual gross for approximatley 15 ct's/wk.*  

  • Employee: In an effort to allow for the highest degree of flexibility of work schedule, salary is not based on hours/week, rather a targeted revenue amount that will be discussed/negotiated. (Sample: 40k/annually 20 avg. client load including health benefits and 401K matching 1:1 up to 3%). An end of year bonus is possible for all overages to targeted revenue amounts.

*Percentage depends on experience/licensure.  Increase opportunities are available, based on client load, years vested licensure and organizational health. 

**All employees/contractors have free access to yearly CE’s

Trainings/workshop rates vary and are negotiated/contracted separately and previously agreed upon by both parties.


Those desiring contract engagement are free to maintain or initiate contracts in any other agency/entity of their choice, at any time. KCS does require, however, that associates refrain from side-negotiations that undermine KCS current or prospective contracts.

This is a private-group practice with a ‘shared-governance’ atmosphere.

The practice manages associates billing, scheduling and marketing needs, including:

  • Initial credentialing and maintenance (associates are expected to provide all necessary information to initiate & maintain credentialing)

  • Manage and maintain electronic health record

  • Benefits checks, claims submission and appeals

  • Patient invoicing, payments and collections

  • M-F Phone reception to provide immediate engagement with prospective patients, answer questions, take patient requests and facilitate all aspects of a patient's scheduling and      intake, in an effort to provide a seamless and efficient patient experience.

  • KCS maintains an ambitious budget for marketing purposes for all its associates.

  • In addition to associates creating their own content, as desired, KCS provides ongoing content and maintains an active on-line presence.

  • KCS engages in community based trainings and marketing opportunities, whenever possible, to support the consistent and ongoing referrals for new patients.

How to Apply

Submit the following via our Apply Now link or they can fax to  208-902-3728 :

  • Cover letter 

  • Resume 

  • 3 References

About the Company

Keys Counseling Solutions (KCS) is an innovative, diverse group counseling clinic & consulting group dedicated to the health and success of our clients and their families, as well as, our colleagues. In addition to providing experienced, quality mental health services, we are professional leaders in the Idaho behavioral health community, offering training and consulting across the state and frequently invited to speaking engagements throughout the Pacific Northwest. We look for associates to join our team seeking an autonomous, challenging, and supportive environment full of opportunities to conceive, grow and actualize new ideas aimed at bettering human health.

If you are looking for a work environment that emphasizes shared governance, and a connection to purpose, you are the associate we are looking for.

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