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"There are only a few other counseling professionals I would refer clients, friends and family to. Kim is no doubt one of those competent professionals. "

- GC (counseling)

"In my work with Kim, I have been impressed not only by her level of professionalism, integrity, and commitment to her clients, but also by her intuitive guidance and insight. Kim has a unique gift for compassionately holding the space for another person's growth and introspection." - M (counseling)

"Kim provides positive and constructive feedback that is easily implemented in the services provided for the clients."

- Anon (supervision)

"I have been working professionally in the social service field for nearly 20 years. The reality is there are good and poor counselors in our field. Kim Keys rises to the top when I consider other professionals I would refer to." - GC (counseling)

"You helped me SO validating my percolation, by giving me pointers, by saying out loud (and letting me speak out loud) that the mind/body/spirit interaction and sense of float or disconnect, are real, and normal and, acceptable.  That this time really is about growth and change and alignment "- L (counseling)

"LOVE IT!  This is the change I am looking for and need!" 

- Anon (training attendee)

"I enjoyed this training!  It most definitely did not seem eight hours long! It would be awesome if we could have this more often, like once a month!" - Anon (training attendee)

"As a supervisor, Kim wasn't afraid to challenge me to grow, she found ways to meet me at my skill level and help me build my confidence. She has a very welcoming presence and I was comfortable taking any issue into supervision with her, knowing I would be a better counselor for it." - C (supervision)

"Kim is extremely knowledgeable in counseling and supervision, she has great energy and will assist anyone in becoming more successful in achieving thier goals."

- Anon (Supervision)

"I want more time!  Please come back!" - Anon (training attendee)

"Thanks Kim, for making Ethics interesting and not boring!  I have been to many that were boring and did not apply to me.  Keep up the good work!" - Anon (training attendee)

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