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  • Kim Keys, LCPC

Curves Ahead

When I first started riding street motorcycles, I developed a couple of bad habits. As I went into a curve, I was looking too close in front of me. I would also see an obstacle of some sort and keep watching it. This led to feeling uncomfortable in the curve, not riding smooth, and also either hitting the obstacle or coming too close to it. I needed to look “forward”, to where I wanted to go. I needed to stop focusing on the obstacles in front of me and look beyond them.

The same goes with our lives. Look where you want to go, not where you are afraid to go. Look ahead, not right in front of you. Focusing too much on the problems that lie ahead may inevitably have you run directly into those problems. Yes, they are still there - but focus where you want to go. Doing this will make the curves of your life so much smoother.

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